AES Project Corporate Recruitment

International Research Center of Advanced Energy Systems for Sustainability ("AES Center"; Institute Professor Takao Kashiwagi, AES Center Director) of Tokyo Institute of Technology wants to recruit companies that are willing to participate in its AES Research Promoting Committee, a body tasked with research and exchange activities of the AES. The committee hopes to recruit companies that are involved with research and development in environmental and energy-related fields with a focus toward a society that generates low carbon emissions, and that are concerned with trends in Japan and abroad related to the low-carbon society.

Participating companies will have access to the latest information regarding worldwide energy research and energy-related government policies, and will be able to participate in research projects, funded through competitive research grants, in collaboration with world-class researchers from Tokyo Tech and other companies, and will be able to help formulate plans in regard to energy-related research projects.

AES Center Overview


AES Center is a research entity established by Tokyo Tech's Solutions Research Laboratory to engage in solution-oriented research that addresses challenges inherent in meeting the future needs of society and industry. The center draws on over 200 Tokyo Tech researchers in the fields of energy and the environment alone, and teams them with individuals affiliated with industry and government. Through such efforts, the center aims to act as a global center of innovation that promotes research and development drawing on full-scale government-industry-academia collaboration toward achievement of a low-carbon society. To that end, the AES Research Promoting Committee, which acts as a platform for the conception of new research projects, promotes meetings and exchanges among various individuals similarly interested in reducing carbon emissions such as university researchers, company and government employees, individuals associated with NPOs, and so forth.


In April 2010, Collaboration Research Units, established by AES Center for each of five major participating companies, began full-scale promotion of numerous research projects. Previously, nine research projects were implemented using Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology provided by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT; research projects are listed in the "Research Promoting Committee" portion of the figure below). Now, after launch of the Collaboration Research Units there are more opportunities to develop those nine projects, as well as plans to conceive new projects that benefit from initiatives of the Research Promotion Committee.

Privileges afforded member companies

Access to the latest information

  • Member companies can take part in Research Promoting Committee meetings held three to four times yearly, and gain access to updated information that includes details such as the status and findings of AES Center projects.
  • Member companies can attend periodic Research Promoting Committee-sponsored lectures featuring Tokyo Tech researchers and other experts from Japan and abroad, enabling members contact with experts and access to latest details pertaining to cutting-edge research and government policy trends.
  • The committee schedules exchanges between member companies, thereby enabling members access to the latest information from other industries.
  • Members can access AES Center website, featuring exclusive member company use of website data systems (launched in May 2010). The website also features member-only access to periodically updated information.

Participation in research projects

  • Members are eligible to take part in the AES Center research projects (research projects are listed in the "Research Promoting Committee" portion of the figure above). Any member interested in taking part in one of the research projects must first consult with the respective research project leader.
  • Members can take part in the proposal and plan formulation stages of Tokyo Tech researcher-centered research projects that involve acquisition of funding through competitive national research grants. Plans call for implementation of feasibility studies and investigative research required to obtain such research grants.

Access to AES Center research reports

  • AES Center research reports distributed to members contain details pertaining to activities of the Research Promoting Committee, outcomes of AES Center research projects, and other such information.

How do I become a member?

Sponsored research contract

  • To become a member of the Research Promoting Committee, a sponsored research contract must be concluded with Tokyo Tech, between AES Center Director Takao Kashiwagi, acting as the funded researcher, and the company wishing to attain membership.


  • Annual sponsored research fees amount to one million yen, irrespective of the duration of research project, and are stipulated in accordance with a one-year contract that is to be renewed each fiscal year. The contracted period of research projects ends on March 31 of the respective fiscal year, even when the contract was concluded sometime during that fiscal year.


  • Companies wishing to renew a sponsored research contract must do so between January and March prior to the new fiscal year. Provisions of the contract will remain unchanged, unless an exception has been granted based on special circumstances.

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